Introducing Automated Third-Party Patch Management for Microsoft SCCM

We are happy to announce commercial availability of our automated publishing service for our third-party update catalog for SCCM. We understand your time is a valuable asset. With the publishing service, simply configure a schedule, enable products to auto-publish, and we will automatically publish any new updates meeting your defined criteria!

The publishing service will eliminate the need for System Center Updates Publisher (SCUP). This will save time by no longer having to manually import and publish newly released updates from our catalog in SCUP.

How it Works

We designed the publishing service to be easy to install and configure.

Step 1: Enter your catalog URL and import or create a code-signing certificate for publishing updates.

Publishing Service General Settings

Step 2: Enable the products you want to auto-publish.

Publishing Service Enable Products

Step 3: Configure the publishing schedule to check for and publish new updates from our online update catalog.

Publishing Service Schedule

Step 4: Optionally, configure SMTP setting for email reports and proxy settings.

Publishing Service SMTP and Proxy


The publishing service will be licensed at 2$ per client annually. If you don’t want to purchase the publishing service, our existing SCUP Catalog only offering is still available at the same price of 1$ per client annually.

Catalog Only

Easily Publish Updates with SCUP
$1/ Per-Client Annually
  • Update over 120 applications
  • Requires SCUP
  • Automated publishing
  • Customize update selection
  • Easier certificate management
  • Publishing notifications
Note: we will discount the pricing for existing catalog only customers based on the time remaining in your subscription.

Looking For More Detailed Information?

If you want to see more detailed information on the setup and configuration of the publishing service, you can review our step-by-step PDF and Video guides by clicking the button below.

Publishing Service – Setup Guide

The video below will show a detailed guide to installing and configuring the publishing service.