Founded in 2011, Patch My PC was built on the premise that third-party patch management shouldn’t be complicated, our mission is to provide home users and enterprises of all sizes an easy-to-use, implementation-free, effective solution for third-party application patch management. Our proven track record of excellence, as well as our unrivaled focus on customer service, makes us stand out as a simple, inexpensive solution to the patch management challenge.

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Ponce Hatch

Chemical Heritage Foundation

The Patch My PC catalog has saved me so much time. I used to spend so much time packaging Java installations every time there was an update. I was pleased to learn that I could also keep Skype, Zoom, Audacity and other applications that we use up to date also. I spend a fraction of the time I used to have to spend on updates. It is the best spent money in my budget. If I was unable to get our subscription approved, I would pay for it out of my own pocket. Don't tell my boss.

Kevin Thorwesten

The North West Company

Excellent service. We started the subscription just for being able to control Java updates via SCCM/SCUP. For Java alone the small cost is worth it. The SCUP update is usually available with a half day of the original vendor update, which is great. Thanks!

John Dietz

San Patricio Municipal Water District

Prior to using Patch My PC's catalog, I used to spend hours porting updates into our environment taking time away from my other administrative tasks. Now I no longer have to keep on the lookout for new updates and scramble to add it to WSUS. The value is quickly realized in my work hours making this subscription easily pay for itself.

Colin Buckley

Toyota Canada

My experience has been great from day one, I found it easy to import and publish the catalogs.

Matt Harman


We have to keep our software up to date on our workstations so that all security vulnerabilities get remediated. I used to have to download the software, build the packages, and test them before I deployed them to our workstations. This can take quite a bit of time. Patch my PC gives me that time back!! Their SCUP catalog makes it super easy. Thank you!

Jamie Perkins

Mouser Electronics

After manually managing Firefox and Java updates with SCUP, the SCUP catalog has saved me tons of time and headaches!

Lee Itson

School District of Random Lake

Patch My PC is awesome! It has made patching our systems a breeze. I no longer have to try to find updates for all my other systems, they all just come through in one package.

Eric Nowicki

Akima, LLC

Pays for itself in 1 month. Thanks and keep up the great work!

Joshua Barnette

Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System

Before we signed up we requested a couple of apps be added, two or three days later, before we even signed up, the updates were in the catalog. Having a vendor who actively responds to requests is like finding a winning lottery ticket, it just doesn't happen often. We have been a customer for many years and see no reason to make any change.

Michel Deschenes

WB Games Montreal

Patch My PCs catalog saved us tremendous amount of time to effectively patch our 3rd party software. We had a very tight delay for patching high severity vulnerabilities that came in from our Infosec team. We managed to bring our sev 5 down to almost zero with the help of Patch My PC's catalog.

Stephane Faubert

Ivanhoe Cambridge

Super helpful to patch all non-Microsoft 3rd party applications.

Joe Cormane

Hudson Advisors L.P.

The SCUP catalog made a big difference in getting our third party patching under control. Couldn't be happier.

David Hubbard

Conejo Valley Unified School District

Product has been great. We have had it in place for about a year and it patches our systems.
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