Founded in 2011 in Colorado, our home to this day, Patch My PC is a market leader in patch management. Formed on the premise that third-party patch management does not have to be complicated, our mission is to provide home users and enterprise IT organizations of all sizes with an easy-to-use, implementation-free, effective solution for third-party application patch management. Our proven track record of excellence, as well as our unrivaled focus on customer service, makes us stand out as a simple, inexpensive solution to the patch management challenge.

Patch My PC is a market game changer in the realm of third-party patch management solutions. The primary driver behind our offerings is our strategic vision: that introducing additional overhead to endpoints through “yet another agent” or additional software inventory “wildcarding” only serves to increase the complexity and cost of operations. This is not what your IT organization needs to successfully tackle the third-party patch management challenge in the most cost-effective manner.

The success of our offerings is due to our unparalleled focus on maintaining a positive and familiar end-user experience while enabling enterprises to quickly mitigate third-party application vulnerabilities. Patch My PC allows enterprises to stop wasting time and money creating complex third-party application updates—letting them focus on delivering the business-enabling applications their end-users need. Third-party application patching has never been easier!


Customer Feedback:

"We have used other SCUP Catalogs but none have compared with this level of functionality, support, and price. Patch My PC is by far the best product we have found to help keep our third party software updated, and I highly recommend their product."

Jeff Williams, National Weather Service

"This product is the best I've used regarding application updates. The price and the usability has no competitor."

Christophe, SLR-Corp

"I have been using the catalog for a while now, and I must say that I’m impressed by the high quality of the updates and the richness of the catalog. My main concern is the top 10 updates and they can all be found in the catalog."

Kent Agerlund, Microsoft SCCM MVP

"The catalog is great, and you can't beat the price of it."

Kim Oppalfens, Microsoft SCCM MVP

"When we heard that a Patch My PC SCUP catalog was available. We decided to pursue this immediately and have not been disappointed. Updates are timely and save a great deal of time packaging 3rd party custom apps. It is like having a SCUP expert on your team."

Joseph, Cranbrook  

"This catalog is a big time saver regarding the amount of available application updates. Our employees are more flexible because we can allow to install software that will be patched regularly."

Marc, Anandic Medical Systems

"Using your product has helped us maintain our clients with the latest 3rd party applications, in particular iTunes, Firefox and Chrome. It has really made our patching process easier, faster and more accurate since we moved to Patch My PC."

Ivan, Blackmores

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