Third Party Patch Management for SCCM – SCUP Catalog

SCUP Update Catalog Flow Third Party Patch ManagementOur SCUP catalog allows you to easily publish more than 100 third-party products to your SCCM site. Following a small catalog import, third-party updates will be available for deployment within SCCM. All updates have been pre-tested allowing for quick deployment. No prior SCUP experience is required!

Check Out How It Works:

Please review the video below. This will show you how easy third-party patch management can be with the help of our SCUP catalog.

Benefits for Third-Party Patch Management:

  • Eliminates packaging of third-party updates
  • Eliminates creation of custom SCCM collections for application targeting
  • Detection and installation logic is built into each application update
  • New applications updates are added to our SCUP catalog frequently
  • No extra infrastructure
  • Reduces the number of third-party application vulnerabilities
  • Same processes used to deploy Microsoft updates using SCCM
  • Updates are made available quickly: SCUP Catalog Release History.
  • Updates are thoroughly tested on both x64 and x86 OS platforms
  • Updates are thoroughly tested on Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10
  • Use the same out-of-the-box SCCM reports for third-party patch management reports

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Pricing Details:

Our SCUP catalog is licensed at a cost of only $1 per client, per year. A client includes any managed windows device (physical or virtual device, such as a tablet, laptop, desktop, server, etc.)
Note: 500 or fewer machines require the minimum $500 purchase

Competitor Pricing Comparison:

The table below shows competitor pricing for similar third-party patch management products.

PC’s Our Catalog Lumension® Patch Manager 1 SolarWinds® Patch Manager 2
500 $ 500 $ 15,000 $ 5,995
750 $ 750 $ N/A $ 8,995
1,000 $ 1,000 $ 30,000 $ 8,995

Try Out A Demo SCUP Catalog:

Please review our SCUP FAQ page here: SCUP FAQ to learn how to download and use our demo catalog for proof of concept.