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Please see the below Frequently Asked Questions and Answers.

What Are The System Requirements?

Uninstalling Patch My PC Updater

Patch My PC Updater is a portable application meaning that it doesn’t install on your PC. To delete Patch My PC delete PatchMyPC.exe.

Can I Export The Setting From The Options Menu?

Yes, you can use the export button in the options panel to export the PatchMyPC.settings file. You can use the import button to import these setting into another machine. You can also place the PatchMyPC.settings in the same directory as PatchMyPC.exe and it will automatically import the settings when the program is started.

Can I Pre-Check Specific Applications?

Yes, you can download the following settings file https://patchmypc.net/freeupdater/DefaultApps.settings and enable the applications you want to pre-select by removing the # before the applications name in the DefaultApps.settings with Notepad. You will need to have the DefaultApps.settings file in the same directory as PatchMyPC.exe for the apps to auto check.

Can I Skip Certain Applications Even If They Are Outdated?

Yes, in the option panel, you can check any application you want to always skip in the “Don’t Update These Apps:” section.

Can Patch My PC Updater Automatically Update Software On A Schedule?

Yes, Patch My PC Updater can be set to run on a schedule and update any outdated applications. Simply go to the Schedule tab and select how often and the options you would like to use.
Set Patch My PC Updater Schedule

Does Patch My PC Updater Only Install Outdated Software?

No, you can actually use Patch My PC Updater to install applications even if they aren’t currently install and outdated. Simply check the check box to the left of the application name to install any application even if it’s not currently installed.

How Do I Update Patch My PC Updater To The Latest Version?

By default, Patch My PC Updater will automatically update if there is a newer version. You can disable the auto update feature in the option panel. You can also download the latest version from https://patchmypc.net/download

What Command Line Options Are Available?

  • /s (Will run any needed updates automatically with no graphical interface)
  • /auto (Will run any needed updates automatically with a graphical interface)

What Do The Colors Mean?

  • Green means the application is installed and up to date
  • Red means the application is installed but outdated
  • Black means the application is not currently installed

How To Report A Bug

How To Request A New Application

How To Request A New Feature


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