Customer Testomonials

I have been using the Patch My PC SCUP Catalog for a little over a year now and have been very impressed. The catalog provides updates for most common software titles and for a few others that we needed Patch My PC was willing to add them to their list. We have used other SCUP Catalogs but none have compared with this level of support, functionality, and price. Patch My PC is by far the best product we have found to help keep our third party software updated, and I highly recommend their product.

Jeff Williams, National Weather Service

This product is the best I’ve used regarding application updates. The price and the usability has no competitor.

Christophe, SLR-Corp

I have been using the catalog for a while now, and I must say that I’m impressed by the high quality of the updates and the richness of the catalog. My main concern is the top 10 updates and they can all be found in the catalog.

Kent Agerlund, Microsoft Configuration Manager MVP

The catalog is great, and you can’t beat the price of it.

Kim Oppalfens, Microsoft Configuration Manager MVP

I’ve been using the SCUP update catalog for several years now. I’ve convinced the last two companies I’ve worked for to adopt the use of this product and it has saved them time and money as a direct result.

Terry South, Eagle Ottawa

Overall this is an excellent product. I have had no issues integrating it into our SCCM updates environment and no issues deploying the updates. The patch rollouts most critical to our environment are released in a timely fashion.

Jennifer, Penn State University

We have been using Patch My PC on our helpdesk to bring machines up to date after imaging. When we heard that a Patch My PC SCUP catalog was available. We decided to pursue this immediately and have not been disappointed. Updates are timely and save a great deal of time packaging 3rd party custom apps. It is like having a SCUP expert on your team.

Joseph, Cranbrook  

Using your product has helped us maintain our clients with the latest 3rd party applications, in particular iTunes, Firefox and Chrome. It has really made our patching process easier, faster and more accurate since we moved to Patch My PC.

Ivan, Blackmores

The catalog is very robust and I believe it meets the needs of most third party application update needs.  I would recommend this to others.

Daniel, Keck Graduate Institute

The Patch My PC SCUP catalog has been a huge time saver and has made it extremely easy to roll out patches to third party apps through SCCM. I would recommend the Patch My PC SCUP catalog to any client where I need to patch third party apps.

Chris, Radnor Township School District

This catalog is a big time saver regarding the amount of available application updates. Our employees are more flexible because we can allow to install software that will be patched regularly.

Marc, Anandic Medical Systems

The Patch My PC catalogue has simplified patching many applications we use.  I think it is great and for the money cannot be beat.

Joe, Miller Nash

The SCUP catalog made updates easy. Software updates are available short time after release

Sindre, KVN

Provides an easy way of providing non Microsoft patches to our production environment.  The catalogue includes most of the commonly occurring ‘must patch’ applications that are likely to occur on a desktop computer.

David, Institute Development Studies

Currently we are satisfied with your catalog. Everything runs perfect. Keep it up!

Reichl, Airbus DS

We were glad to come across your update catalog as we were having problems with campus wide Java updates. Using your catalog makes it really easy to update Java on all our workstations.

Devin, College of the Rockies

I haven’t been using it long, I’m mostly testing updates but everything looks good as I have been rolling it out. Great work!

Craig, University of Central Florida

My company was purchased two years ago and every week I need to run a tool to collect network vulnerabilities and we receive an grade for our network. After we implement Patch My PC catalog we reduce vulnerabilities in 80% and we have the most security network comparing with other group’s company

Alecsander, Harris Brastak

Patching third party products has become much easier.

Randy, FortisAlberta Inc.

We have been using Patch My PC Software updates for several months now, and we’re very pleased with the cost/benefit solution.

Bill, Memorial University

The SCUP catalog is great at its price point.

Keith, Pleasant View Retirement

Great value.

Quinten, Greater Boston Legal Services