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Patch My PC SCUP Catalog Product Overview:

The Patch My PC SCUP Catalog adds third party patch management capabilities to Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager. Following a small catalog download and import into your existing Configuration Manager hierarchy, over 50 third party application updates* will be immediately available for deployment within your software updates console node. The Patch My PC SCUP Catalog provides pre-created third party application updates which have also been pre-tested, allowing immediate, silent deployment using the same methods used to deploy Microsoft updates with Configuration Manager. No prior experience creating updates using Microsoft System Center Updates Publisher 2011 is required.

*Click here for a current listing of all third party application updates provided in the Patch My PC SCUP Catalog. New applications are added to the Patch My PC SCUP Catalog as customer demand necessitates.

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Product Benefits:

  • Eliminates the need to package third party updates (currently over 50 application updates available)
  • Eliminates the need to create custom Configuration Manager collections, complex packages and applications to deploy third party application updates
  • Third party application updates are made available on average 3-5 business days following the release from each application manufacturer. A historical listing of all newly added and expired third party application updates to our catalog is always available here.
  • Reduces the number of application related vulnerabilities in your environment due to unpatched third party applications
  • All application patch detection and installation logic is built in to each application update – no reverse engineering application update detections or complex scripts required
  • Updates are thoroughly tested on both x64 and x86 OS platforms prior to addition to the SCUP catalog insuring successful detection logic and error-free installation in both OS architectures.
  • New application updates are added to our SCUP Catalog when sufficient demand for a specific application arises. No additional license fees are required in order to receive the newly added applications.
  • Allows using the same processes used to deploy Microsoft updates using Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (no additional tools or administrator training required)
  • Allows the use of same out-of-the-box Configuration Manager reports used for reporting software update compliance for Microsoft updates
  • No extra server infrastructure required – use your existing Configuration Manager Software Update Point to import and deploy third party applications

Request an Invoice or Quote:

Request an Invoice or Quote

Pricing Details:

The Patch My PC SCUP Catalog is licensed at a cost of only $1 USD per client, per year. A client includes any supported physical or virtual device, such as a tablet, laptop, desktop, server, etc.).
Note: Minimum purchase of 250 clients is required

Competitor Pricing Comparison:

PC’s Our Catalog Lumension® Patch Manager 1 SolarWinds® Patch Manager 2
250 $ 250 $ 7,500 $ 3,495
500 $ 500 $ 15,000 $ 5,995
1,000 $ 1,000 $ 30,000 $ 8,995
  • 1 Based on Lumension’s® pricing page 06/06/14: here
  • 2 Based on the online quote page 06/06/14: here

Customer Feedback:

"I have been using the Patch My PC SCUP Catalog for a little over a year now and have been very impressed. The catalog provides updates for most common software titles and for a few others that we needed Patch My PC was willing to add them to their list. We have used other SCUP Catalogs but none have compared with this level of functionality, support, and price. Patch My PC is by far the best product we have found to help keep our third party software updated, and I highly recommend their product."

Jeff Williams, National Weather Service

"I have been using the catalog for a while now, and I must say that I’m impressed by the high quality of the updates and the richness of the catalog. My main concern is the top 10 updates and they can all be found in the catalog."

Kent Agerlund, Configuration Manager MVP

"We have been using Patch My PC on our helpdesk to bring machines up to date after imaging. When we heard that a Patch My PC SCUP catalog was available. We decided to pursue this immediately and have not been disappointed. Updates are timely and save a great deal of time packaging 3rd party custom apps. It is like having a SCUP expert on your team."

Joseph, Cranbrook

"This catalog is a big time saver regarding the amount of available application updates. Our employees are more flexible because we can allow to install software that will be patched regularly."

Marc, Anandic Medical Systems

"Using your product has helped us maintain our clients with the latest 3rd party applications, in particular iTunes, Firefox and Chrome. It has really made our patching process easier, faster and more accurate since we moved to Patch My PC."

Ivan, Blackmores

"My company was purchased two years ago and every week I need to run a tool to collect network vulnerabilities and we receive an grade for our network. After we implement Patch My PC catalog we reduce vulnerabilities in 80% and we have the most security network comparing with other group’s company"

Alecsander, Harris Brastak

Try it out:

  • 7-Zip 9.20 (x86)
  • 7-Zip 9.20 (x64)
  • Foxit Reader
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